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Comments on the Menlo Brass CD, "A Simpler Life"

"You guys made a fine CD: A Simpler Life. That's a big project and I enjoyed checking it out several times in the car (where I do all my listening!). The Ewald is a knockout – you really have a lot of good ideas about that 'classic,' especially the second movement. That's about the best I've ever heard that one. I liked the Sondra Clark, I'Lana Cotton and Rosemary Barrett Byers a lot. The one that really knocked me out was the Allegretto from Palladio by Karl Jenkins – nice arrangement, nice playing. Also I thought That's A-Plenty was on the money too."

David Baldwin, Professor of Trumpet at University of Minnesota School of Music, composer, and arranger   4/24/2014

"I finally got a chance to hear the whole CD and it's grand! That is a tight little group and it's in tune. Everybody sounds technically and musically proficient, and the balance is perfect. Whoever recorded youse-all knew what's up. It is a nice comprehensive program too...shows what can be done. A grand present for me! If only every student I had was so good!"

John Kolarik, Barb Sigler's high school brass ensemble teacher   12/18/03

“I still play your CD all during my drive time – love it!!!”

Jane Hartman (mother of the bride)   5/2/03

“I never got around to telling you how much Lynn and I loved your MBQ album "A Simpler Life". Great programming, performances and recording! I have a moderate collection of brass quintet recordings and this one is definitely one of my favorites. Jack Gale [arranger of "Tonight" and "Summertime" from the CD] actually played in my brass quintet in NY when he was writing the West Side Story and Porgy & Bess arrangements. He was ... always fun to work with the few times we were able to get him for jobs. I have copies of his manuscript that he gave it was extra cool for me to hear them on your recording. Lipton's writing and playing are both very interesting and enjoyable... everyone else was great – Dan, Barbara, Ron & Sam – you really did a great job on this."

Fred Urrutia (former professional tuba player in a brass quintet in New York City; founding member and former baritone saxophone in Full Spectrum Jazz big band)   1/17/03

That CD of yours is spectacular! This is work of the highest calibre, and a fabulously clean recording job. "

Ed Brink, piano recording artist   1/7/03

"We thoroughly enjoyed the Menlo Brass Quintet CD. Herb plays trumpet, so can appreciate the excellent tone and precision. You all are to be congratulated and we hope this CD will be a fine success."

Barbara and Herb Lauterwasser (Laconia, New Hampshire)   1/6/03

"As soon as I got your CD I meant to write you and tell you how nice it looks, and later, how nice it sounds. You all did a great job. It looks so nice. I enjoyed the pieces very much. It was nice to hear the quintet play the other pieces, and I’m am very grateful for your inclusion of my piece."

Warner Jepson, Composer   11/22/02

"Congratulations to you and the whole group on the great new CD!  It's just beautifully put together in every respect!   I really liked the musical way you played my "2 for 5," and the other selections were equally well done. Thank you for including my work on your fine release."

Dr. Sondra Clark, Composer   11/6/02

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